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The Fashion Handbook:

If they say that VOGUE is the fashion bible then teenvogue is Harry Potter. Teenvogue just came out with a new book the Teenvogue Handbook. Its all about how to break into the industry and helpful tips from all sorts of industry insiders like stylists, designers, editors (anna wintour!) and photographers.
I just got mine 3 days ago and am already finished with it! Its was perfect for what I was looking for and I want almost everyone in there's job they all sound so great! Its not glamify-ing the job though, all of the interviewees talk about how they started as nothing at the very bottom getting coffee and organizing shelves and desks, fashion is a lifestyle career. If you want to get into fashion you have to be tireless, some nights you won't be going home and somedays you might be called into the office at 2AM. You have to REALLY love fashion to do this! Sometimes I already feel like I work in fashion sense I spend about 15 hours a day doing things related to my love of all things fashion.
This book is $25 and interviews 70 people (Tory Burtch, Proenza Scholar, Marc Jacobs, Chanel Iman, Phillip Lim, and many other amazing people)

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Carlos Alberto Silva said...

Teen Vogue is Harry Potter? LOOOOL
Come check the new stunning posts! ^^



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