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Brunch Attire Required

As many of you know, there is nothing I appreciate more than a long, productive morning. I absolutely hate waking up late; I always feel like the day has been wasted and it completely stresses me out trying to catch up on lost time. However, my one exception to the rule is Sunday morning. On Sundays, my friend Dakota and I have developed a ritual of enjoying a leisurely morning, choosing a new place off of my 'Brunch list' (yes, it really exists), and using the excuse of venue to explore the city. 

Besides the chance to see the city before most of it's inhabitants have woken up (I've always said that this is the best way to see a city in its purest form), my favorite part of this newfound tradition is dressing the part of a 'Lady who Brunches.' Normally, I would say that my personal style is a bit more downtown: M-O-D/borderline edgy at times, so Sunday provides the optimal chance to break out my more classic silhouettes such as shift dresses, tailored blazers and layers of pearls. 

Being slightly out of my element, I find it helpful to use a few of my favorite brunch-appropriate editorials as references for deciding upon a look. I'm more than willing to move out of my comfort zone to play a character- after all, we're two 18-year-olds in a sea of 25+ women discussing the previous night's conquests (think SATC), so we inevitably stick out whether we're wearing Prada or PJs. However, I do have one very important requirement... An elastic waistband!

If you either live or are planning a visit to New York anytime, I would highly recommend checking out a few of these places: 

Chobani (W. Broadway & Prince) 
It started when solicitors were handing out coupons for free yogurts during fashion week, and it turned into a real problem. I'm addicted. They have so many different options for $4, and I don't need to feel guilty because they're all very healthy. My personal favorite is the smoked salmon and olive oil concoction. It sounds disgusting but somehow the combination works perfectly. 
Whenever we go to Chobani we usually get them to go and take them to the McNally Jackson bookstore a few blocks away (Mulberry & Prince), pick up a latte and couple of magazines at their cafe and spend hours pouring over everything.

Egg in Williamsburg (plus the remains of my coffee from Radish on Bedford Ave.) The wait is usually lengthy but there is definitely ample views to be had of scrumptiously skinny boys in flannel shirts and faux glasses to be stared at while you wait. 

Tea & Sympathy (Greenwhich and Jane) 
The walls are lined with cheesy British paraphernalia that only adds to the quaint and quirkiness of this tiny establishment. Passionate about keeping everything authentic, the entire menu is composed of British comfort food and served to you by a pleasant staff accompanied by lovely accents. If a traditional English breakfast isn't your thing they also run a fish & chips shop right next door. 
All together, it's enough to inspire anyone's inner anglophile. 

Mon Petit Cafe (62nd and Lexington)

The Boathouse
Whether you realized it or not, many classic onscreen moments have taken place at this cafe which is actually located right in the middle of Central Park. Think Sex and the City, 27 Dresses, When Harry Met Sally... In direct correlation it can be a bit touristy at times, but the food and view is well worth any stress long lines and clueless Midwesterners might cause you. My own memories here are bittersweet- it was the location of the goodbye party for all of Lori Goldstein's summer interns! 

Vive La Crepe

My love Alli at one of my favorite summer spots in the W.Village. This particular location has actually closed but they have a few other spots in the city if you want to grab a quick bite (Spring/Lafayette & UWS). I must admit that though the food was good and the location was convenient, the main reason I always wanted to go there was that I'd always see a celeb-crush of mine, Jason Sudeikis, going in and out of his next door apartment (Olivia Wild occasionally in tow.) 



I want to visit all of these: especially the yogurt spot, egg in williamsburg and tea&sympathy (MK has been spotted outside of there twice!) apparently one of her friends has an apartment upstairs?! Who knew! :)

P.S. Which one is the freebie?


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