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Emma Watson is Au Naturel by Nature.

No, this isn't Emma Watson's stab at the age old tradition of child stars trying to prove something about themselves by shocking the public during their (oftentimes regrettable) transitional periods. These images are however, meant to send an important message to the masses. 

Emma (now 23) de-robed for the lens of James Houston as part of his newest book, Natural Beauty, which aims to raise awareness and funds for sustainable living. The project, which was created in collaboration with nyfw waiting room concept space MILK Studios, is a study of the interactions of humans and the natural world. Houston also features a number of other well-know actresses and models who were willing to lend their bodies for the purpose of bring an appreciation of nature back into vogue. 

One of the many things I admire about Ms.Watson is that she seems very genuine about her efforts to better the planet. Now defunct, her past efforts at creating eco-friendly lines with People Tree and Alberta Ferretti (Pure Threads) go beyond the ubiquitous 'all-natural' cosmetics lines and 'organic' cookbooks produced by a number of other prominent people. And clearly it couldn't come at a better time- though these images are hardly scandalous or naughty, they do seem to have appropriate timing considering the image she took on for her current film The Bling Ring. 

It's worth noting the convenient timing of these images which were released this past spring. Nicki, Watson's character in her newest film, The Bling Ring, may have stripped down to her birthday suit for much less-worhty of a cause, but I'm sure that do-gooder/director Sofia Coppola would be proud. 

Natural Beauty by James Houston can be purchased online at Damiani. Proceeds of the book will be donated to non-profit organization Global Green USA. You can also check out a behind the scenes view of the making of this book on Houston's Youtube channel.

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