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Stacey Bendet (of Alice + Olivia)

real name- Stacey Wiener 
  • Fashion designer/CEO of Alice+Olivia (with a friend)
  • Married (recently) to Eric Eisner (of the Disney Empire) 
  • Item that made her famous - 'Stacey Pants'
  • Born in Chappaqua, New York (Westchester)
  • Attended 
-Horace Greenley High
-University of Penn
  • started by designed web pages for design houses
  • Has a fashion show for her pants. Fred Segal & Barneys picked up her line
  • Stacey named the Olivia part of her company after her mom Olivia
Anoushka (NY)
Frock (NY) The Way We Wore (LA)
Curve (NY) Opening Ceremony (LA)
  • Daughter- Eloise Breckinridge Eisner (Monday Nov. 24, 2008)(9 1/2 lbs)
  • Launched her clothing line at Barney's (just pants) in 2002
  • Added sweaters in 2003
  • Swimwear & menswear 2004
  • Flagship store - NY's Bryant Park
-Hampton's princess , Hollywood starlet, Bright floaty dresses, flirty tops, and low-rise pants


"A dress should be a staple in everyones wardrobe, I mean its so easy. You can just put it on with any shoes and look chic. You know its a great way to get dresses in 5 minutes... which I never do. I've always loved clothing sense I was 5 years old, I used to make up clothes for all my barbie dolls. I would cut up pieces of lace, or anything I found lying around the house, you know and stich it together. One thing people probably don't know about me is my nickname is Stacepants because I've always been really tiny and there were never any pants that fit me, so I would have to have them custom make my pants for me. I like all pants, I like baggy pants usually... The inspiration for Spring was literally a wonderland so it's whimsical, fun, quircky, cute theme. And um the colors were all supposed to be like bright and poppy and a lot of the dresses I almost describe as being like cake because you almost just want to eat them... This is one of my favorite Spring dresses because it's such a fun color, and um we did this sort of thing um like ruffled pleating at the top here thats supposed to look like flowerers. I love flowers!...I love colors so my collection is always really based on colors, but I also just love, you know I'm a woman and I love wearing it, I love designing it, and one of the most fulfilling things is when you see someone glowing and excited to be wearing something you made... I've been working with Neimun Markus almost sense the start of you know of my buisness. I really think of them as someone not only as buisness partners but of someone you know I'm honored to be working with. When I walk into their store, your just so proud to see your clothing! And I just love that we get to do these collaberations together to, I think it's really special. 

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