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April 2010 Harpers Bazaar

Sorry I haven't been on in a while - the 'geniuses' at apple had taken away my computer for the past two weeks!

I got the new Harpers Bazaar today with Demi Moore on the cover. I love the cover I got in the mail with the giraffe and the staircase but my favorite part by far is the tribute to Alexander McQueen. Demi is not only wearing one of the space age dresses, but also the semi-infamous 'alien' shoes. The newsstand cover though is boring at best featuring nothing but a blue background an a not very flattering picture of Demi.
Models should be on the covers of these magazines again! These are fashion magzines, we get enough of these celebrities while watching E! or reading US weekly and I for one don't care .What does Demi do anyway? I read hear about her all the time but I don't know what she does- singer? actress? Maybe being married to Ashton is a full time job?) Of course, she is fabulous for being friends with Rachel Zoe and looking like that when she is 47. Although the article is a bit blah, the pictures are well worth buying the magazine for- maybe on one of the best photo stories featuring the seasons' main pieces (even though they all look a bit familiar).



demi moore harpers bazaar

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