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Miu Miu Eye wear:

Until a few days ago I had no idea Miu Miu did sunglasses! Its a bit late to be shopping for sunglasses this season, but the S/S'11 glasses are out as well and very worthy of the $200 they charge per pair. They can easily hit the beach or the street on a sunny day. Or if your an Olsen, even when it's raining.
I love sunglasses but I only have a few pairs, mosty from Forever 21 or street vendors because I tend to loose or break them a lot. I have one pair of classic Ray-Ban aviators but besides that they're all slightly cheap looking junky ones. I still have my faux-Dolce&Gabbana nicole richie sized movie star sunglasses from fifth grade, and a pair of Lady GaGa type frames with a gold chain hanging down the front (lots of weird looks when I wore them to the beach a few times this summer) and a clear of clear glass ones even though I don't actually wear glasses.
My favorite Miu Miu glasses are actually from last season (S/S '10); I am still obsessed with their swallow and flower prints and its seems like I am stealing them for less than $500! I am rediculously obsessed with this pair, I don't care what people think I would wear them all year round. Im loving the little cat-eye shape thats going on. Its just noticeable enough to be cool but not overdone or too trendy.

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