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You should know that sometimes, even in the middle of New York City, I can be an incredibly boring person. So when my friend and I went out last week, we didn't go to a resturant and we didn't go to a party. We went to whole foods for dinner and then The Strand for some late night reading. I know, we are lame excuses for 17 year old girls. But after interning/running around the city with sample garment bags all day I'm rather sluggish and peckish when I get home.
I was in a casual mood and I had just picked up those fringy shorts- I was slightly obsessed. Hoping they were more Nicole Richie than Miley Cyrus, I paired them with a oddly puce colored T-shirt and a nude linen blazer. I'm sure the people at the Strand who seemed to be a bit haughty in their 'how dare you come in here with Marc Jacobs and leather trimmed shorts to invade my artistic struggles.' Although I managed to gather up three different copies of Peter Pan, so the night was overall successful.
And I discovered that the view from Whole Foods and my overpriced S'more is worth the treck down to Union Square.
Whole Foods had everything. No wonder my latest credit card bill had them for over $100 last month...

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I had a dream we were at B&N drinking coffee and talking fashion :) coincidence? I love books! I haven't been to the strand, yet.



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