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Saturday Mornings in New York

There are very few things that I love more than Saturday mornings. Its pretty much the only time I ever have to myself without any obligations or places to go (read: finally! no social interactions, yessss). I get up early, enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, read a few magazines, and then maybe catch up on my WWD, blogs, see a movie, read a book... 
But, what is even better than doing nothing at home in the South, is a Saturday morning in New York City. I didn't get to spend too many in the city this summer as I was usually made to go to Southampton to see my family (I know, forced to go to the beach... poor me.) But when I did get to spend the occasional Saturday in the city, I took full advantage. Even though I was raised in the city, if I can get my hands on a camera I'll act like a tourist- I love my hometown. 

Photos from a random Saturday in the city
Summer 2011


MartinRitzmann said...
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Unknown said...

lovely pics :)
Love Lois xxx


I love my ears :)

Watching SNL again on HULU now ahaha! xx

P.S. Caribou on Fri sounds good around 4? then to B&N?

Unknown said...



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