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A.L.C. Spring

A.L.C. Spring 2012 Ready-to-WearA.L.C. Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Former celebrity stylist Andrea Lieberman presents simple separates for A.L.C.’s spring collection

Previously the stylist of music industry legends like Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez, Andrea Leiberman of A.L.C. has once again proven that she deserves to be called a designer. Creating a collection that is simultaneously comfortable and cool is no easy feat, but Leiberman nailed the concept for spring 2012. 
This season, Leiberman ushers her Parisian gamine to the Upper East Side; the results of which are vaguely reminiscent of bygone Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang collections. Her strongest attribute is her understanding of the need for versatility in any working woman’s closet. Drawing upon her knowledge earned from years of styling women as busy as Stefani and Lopez, she brought us a collection of easy go-to looks that could be worked into the most eccentric or low-key of styles. For example, a slinky white tank dress could, on it’s own, easily be fit for a day at the beach, throw it over a pair of Helmut Lang leather pants and its ready for a concert, or matched with a pair of Louboutin heels and a YSL clutch for an upscale event.
Leiberman’s updated versions of the classic American jumpsuit, which could have effortlessly fit in at Studio 54 just as well as it would at a twenty-first century cocktail party, were among the major themes of the show. While the jumpsuits emerged as a top pick for the coming season, her designs were nondescript enough to hold up through a lifetime of wear without appearing dated or worn. The rest of the collection also fit into the season-less variety, as her statement for spring was largely about miscellaneous separates and investment pieces as opposed to many other young designers’ deplorable penchant for all things trendy.
A.L.C. found its balance in proportions, never once bringing attention to more than one feminine assets at a time. One high collared, finger length shift dress seemed to be inspired by Baroque art, featuring the 17th-century cross against a deep blue. Another look, composed of a sleeveless tuxedo top and stellar maxi-skirt, was revived by adding a bold, thigh grazing slit to the skirt. Ruffles up and down the sides served their dual purpose as both a ‘70s throw back and a wonderful excuse to go dancing.
At times, there was a bit of confusion in terms of who she was imagining when designing the collection. It was difficult to believe the elegant flowing tops and the micro-mini brown leather shorts could hang in the same closet, but nevertheless everything was supremely covetable.
Lieberman’s meticulous attention to detail paid off in A.L.C.’s straightforward elegance that could make up the entirety of any woman’s wardrobe for spring 2012.

A.L.C. Spring 2012 Ready-to-WearA.L.C. Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear


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