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It's Christmastime in the City

            As a city child much like Eloise, I have always had a special place in my heart for the Plaza Hotel. As any child growing up in New York can attest to, our Christmas traditions aren’t the stereotypical ones like watching It’s a Wonderful Life with the family on Christmas Eve or driving to a nearby Christmas tree farm to chop down a tree (although Home Alone 2 and Love Actually are definite musts every December.) No, in New York, as with all things, our traditions are a little bit different. Mine for example, is marveling at the decorations along fifth avenue while listening to my choice holiday playlist of the year (see below) and indulging in both hot chocolate and caramel brulle lattes. This year my roommate and I started on 72nd street, latte in hand, eventually making it down to Washington Square Park with a special stop at my beloved Plaza on the way.

The Ralph Lauren Mansion sports some holiday spirit. 

My roommate, Gerry, who is clearly much chicer than I am.

home base. 

Gerry Henry

You shouldn't have!


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