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Another One Bites the Dust

@carolinexmason PLL nights.

            As always, the summer seems to fly by without so much as lending us a moment to take a step back (and cross all those rooftop bars off my bucket list) to appreciate. But regardless of how busy I am I always try to make a point of putting my feet up every now and then and spend time with friends. August in New York is unseasonable sriracha-hot, so activities tend to center around who/where has the most powerful AC and wi-fi connection. But I’m looking forward to spending the last few weeks before heading back to school (albeit one that’s a short subway ride away) with these weirdos. I hope you’re all enjoying the summertime as much as we are!

Hard at work on set... 
The model assistant or the model/assistant? We'll never know. 

A quick selfie with Demi. 

My friend recently moved to Willaimsburg and became the keeper of some prime rooftop views. Only the idea of actually having a glass of wine up top is mildly terrifying- despite the gorgeous backdrop, the space is tilted slightly downward with no ledge. Hopefully not an accident waiting to happen. 

My lovely blogger-friend Lisa and I post-stuffing our faces at Schiller's Liquor Bar Sunday brunch. It may be hard to tell, but we're currently mad at America (but very happy for Germany)! 

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Amy said...

I love the gummy bear picture. :)


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