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"Live from New York, it's (Not) Saturday Night!"

            On any Saturday in season, it’s a given where you can find me- plopped on the couch in my living room counting down the minutes until someone shouts, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” In fact, the most social-ness allowed in my apartment that night is having a few friends over to laugh at the jokes, discuss the host, and hate on the fact that Seth is no longer at The Update Desk. It’s the only hottest ticket in town that includes wine, homemade sweet potato fries, and getting way too emotionally involved.

Even though it’s nearly impossible to weasel your way into actually getting tickets to see the show in person (some weird, extensive process of emailing them within an absurd timeframe), it has dawned on me that living in New York there is easy access to everything/everyone involved in SNL. UCB, for example, does stand up shows all the time featuring cast members for as little as $5. And if you’re really into it, a number of the top guys and gals do stand up shows at comedy bars/theaters all around the city, which you can find out about via Twitter, etc. And if you’re a complete weirdo (like me), you can beg all of your friends to sign up for Seth Meyers tickets until you end up going to his show three times in one week.

Even though we’re not funny, Two of my friends and I are working on our own act to further our quest of pursuing the absolute lowest-paying jobs in America (stand up is a close second to fashion in terms of the lowest possibility of making a profit, like ever). So far it includes the three of us sitting on a couch, flipping through magazines while making sassy remarks. So basically, it’s a snippet of what we do during our free time. (“Fascinating and impossible not to get lost in,” says My Mom. “A teeming, Woody-Allen-ish cast,” says My Dad. The rest of the audience politely sipped their cocktails and hoped it would be over soon.)  More to come…   

Me + Sasheer Zamata at UCB East.

Two of my victims friends I forced to take me to Seth.

What else can one do after attending a Seth taping besides just generally accepting your touristy fate? 

Regis boys & Sacred Heart girls 
with Colin Jost (I have finally forgiven for taking over Seth's place at Weekend Update)

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