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Brow-Beating The Mean Reds

            As someone who is prone to melodramatic mood swings resulting from changes in the weather, I’ve contracted a slight case of what Holly Golightly so eloquently described as, the mean reds, a condition more commonly known as a case of the winter blues. When this time of year inevitably comes along (post-holidays, but too soon to seriously consider Spring), I find myself itching try new things as a way of adding some excitement to my seemingly mundane routines. Past years have seen me with dramatic hair cuts, blackened eyebrows, and one time even dyeing my locks blue. This year, inspiration for my remedy comes from the catwalk of Rodarte SS15.

            Thanks in part to the likes of Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne, the beauty industry has begun to place a newfound focus on the importance of eyebrows in recent years. Bleach them, dye them, or stop plucking them altogether… there are endless ways to edit them.  The whole thing has ostensibly run its course. Or so you would think.

            Kate and Laura Mulleavy, along with their go-to makeup guy, James Kaliardos (working this season with NARS) took brows to the next level by resurrecting the brow ring trend of the mid  ‘90s. Rooted in the grunge-era street style movement, the look is clearly a scene-stealer and a surprisingly low-maintenance one. With these above your eyes, there is minimal need for more makeup.

            Having first noticed the adornments during fashion week, I was intrigued, but not enough to make the plunge. While struggling to come up with a less-basic Halloween costume, I pulled up some backstage images of the perforated models. Using these pictures as a visual aid to describe the look I was going for, reactions were mostly concerned-looks from attendants at various drugstores and hardware stores around the city. Short of actually piercing my brows (a very expensive proposition), no one could help me. Eventually I gave up and settled for a very unoriginal Brigitte Bardot in ‘…. And God Created Woman.’

A few weeks spent people watching in London however has inspired me to try my lucky at recreating the style once again. Here, people think nothing of offbeat facial piercings or other eccentric extremities for the sake of achieving a certain look. Generally I would consider New York to be a more ‘modern’ city, but in the case of fashion I would agree with the stereotype of London being the creative innovations hub of the world. Possessing this unorthodox appearance for the next few months- accepted in this foreign city, but enough to shock some people back home, might be just the thing to rid me of my winter blues. 


Andrea said...

this is really cool! interesting way to make a statement! I dont know if i would try it for everyday but when i want to make a statement i might just try it! xo
thanks for visiting my blog! i followed you on bloglovin :)


Unknown said...

wow, I guess I'm just not edgy enough to do something like this, but cool though if I'de see in on somebody else :)
I recently started my own beauty related blog, I would love for you to check it out, x Josune, Your Beauty Script

ps: Follow back on Bloglovin if you like? :)

Enara Girl said...

It's the first time that I see piercings in brows. I'm following you as Enara in bloglovin. I don't know how to follow you in GFC. I hope that you can follow me back. xoxo

Amely Rose said...

i somehow like this, it's so eyecatchy <3
lovely and inspiring entry
follow for follow?

hope you too visit my Blog <3

alice said...

You should definitely try and find a way to re-create this look, it's so unique and looks awesome

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

Life's a shoe said...

this i really cool!


Laura Mitbrodt said...

That's crazy that people get these piercings

Stormia said...

THIS IS THE MOST COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. It is so creative and fun to do, though I didn't understand how you put this on the eyebrows. Interesting.
btw- thanks for your sweet comment, I would love to follow each other! Followed you on bloglovin, hope you can follow me back!
xoxo, Mai ♥

Unknown said...

Oh wow! That is different.
I can't work out if I like it or not…may just stick to my nose ring

Jenn from

Lady parisienne said...

I love the pictures, and it' sounds like a great moment!

Lady parisienne said...

I love the pictures, and it' sounds like a great moment!

Lucy said...

Ouch is all I can say, it looks painful and I am really not sure about the look, if it is for shock value I guess it works Lucy

the den said...

Wow, that looks interesting. I couldn't imagine getting that many piercings in my face, but fake ones would be cool to try.
Rubi | The Den |

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