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A City Full of Magic

(above at The Frick Collections)

I’m actually writing this post from London, where I will be doing my spring term abroad until returning to New York for the summer. I haven’t been in the UK long enough to feel qualified to write about it just yet, but I will say that I was expecting the two cities to be much more similar than they actually are. (I'm still aghast at the fact that the underground is not 24/7 and that there isn't at least a pharmacy or two on every street.) The mini-move has made me painfully aware of how high-maintenance of a person I am, especially when it comes to my living situation/space.

I’m missing New York terribly- it’s my hometown after all, and while I can’t watch Gossip Girl or even the new season of Girls without beginning to tear up (incredibly overemotional over here), I’m enjoying the change for the time being and I am excited to see what adventures lie in store for me on this side of the Atlantic.

In my last week before leaving the city I tried to do a number of my favorite things for what felt like the last time (I’m such a city kid- just six months feels like forever). The week started with a night at the cinema, sharing multiple bowls of Nitehawk popcorn with my best friend while marveling at the beautiful and talented specimen that is Eddie Redmayne. I’ll miss the flannelled-hipsters of this Willaimsburg establishment, but I am excited to try out a number of the concept-driven theaters over here: Pillow Cinemas, Prince Charles Cinema, and Electric Cinemas to name a few.

New York Fashion Week will be a sorry one to miss, but thankfully London does has it’s own edition… even if it is mostly just a glorified Weekend. And who knows, I might just have to train over to Paris for PFW to make up for it all.

While brunch in New York is close to being its own culture, it’s mostly just another meal over here. But no matter, there are hundreds of new whimsical places to satisfy the near-constant hole in my stomach. And if I am feeling homesick, I can always watch an episode of Friends, which has gratefully been added to my Netflix queue. The above photo was taken at my last brunch in NYC at The Little Owl in the West Village, the café underneath the apartment set where Friends did their exterior shots (a fun fact until hordes of tourists decide to stand on the corner, blocking your view, seemingly dumbfounded by the concept of anything and everything).

Alas, I am missing the giant bowls of goodness that I basically inhaled on a weekly basis at Dimes on the Lower East Side. Maybe it's time I learn to make my own? 


Euge Etcheverry said...

Wow you have a great opportunity to study in London! I'm sure you'll get used to it!
Nice post!
Obsessed Fashion Blog

Anonymous said...

oh try and enjoy london is just a smaller cleaner version but its charm will get you soon. look great in all black though.

Jeanne said...

I love your sneakers!

Unknown said...

Thank you for you comment, you blog is really cool :) hope you'll have a great time in London! :)

and yes I follow you, would be cool if you follow me as well :)

Adriana R. said...

Thanks dear, I'm following you on bloglovin! <3

Laura said...

What a big step for you to move to London from NYC. I did it the other way round, I moved from Germany to NYC for 2 years and totally loved it! I'm sure that as soon as you get to know London a little better you'll like it more ;-) Thanks for your lovely comment! I wanted to follow you but can't seem to find a "follow box" on your blog! Let me know how I can follow you :-) xoxo from Germany

Susannah said...

Love your boots ! Great post xx

Andrea said...

i LOVE london! I am sure you will have a great time! I studied abroad there for only 3 months and had an amazing time, you being there for 6 months will be awesome! be sure to check out the different neighborhoods in london, go shopping on oxford street (topshop on oxford circus is my fav!), and go to the south east coast to brighton to visit! thats where I studied abroad and it was amazing! brighton wont let you down :)
cant wait to read about your time in the uk!

nuria said...

Great post! you are missing NYC but really enjoying ur time in London :-)
I Love both cities

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