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What I'm Reading Right Now

Inside Girl: Flan Flood is pretty much living my (an many other girls') dream life. Living pretty much alone in her West Village Town House able to anything she feels like doing, she is partially famous, has 2 best school friends, tons of famous friends, one of whom is living across the street, enough money and connections to get anything that she wants, and the perfect boyfriend. But she is still down-to-earth and not one of those people where  are so stuck-up you just want to throw your book out the window.
 Inside Girl (Insiders Novels)Perfect Match: An Inside Girl Novel

The A-List: Hollywood Royalty: I never really got into the first A-list series, there were just too many people to keep track of which one which was hooking up with plus I just couldn't find the need to care. But this new series by Zoey Dean is actually really good. Basically there's this good, JoJo who is from Sacramento but when her Dad's (plural) decide to move to Iceland, JoJo doesn't want to go. So the Dad's send her off to her birth parents who just happen to live in L.A. and just happen to be the Brangelina of fiction. When JoJo enrolls in BHH (Beverly Hills High) her new sister does everything she can to make sure JoJo stays on the bottom of the social ladder.
Hollywood Royalty (A-List by Zoey Dean: Book Cover

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