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I am incredibly lazy when it comes to my own makeup and hair. I usually leave it all to the last minute and do it while running out the door. The result is generally something of a mixture of smudged eyeliner (black, makeup forever), a slightly-messy-by-the-end-of-the-day hair that has been half heartedly glazed over with a straightener, and some Burt's Bees chapstick (unless I'm feeling motivated, in which case I use Lady GaGa mac viva-glam lipstick.) Obviously, while I'm looking at runway shows every season I focus mainly on the clothes (unless distracted by the models wearing the clothes. look it's Lily!)
But I do mange to get my beauty trend fix ,somehow knowing exactly what's in when people ask, or if I happen to be running out the door and want to try something interesting. I couldn't cite a particular influence of the look that comes out, but its hard not to take notice.
With one random trend in mind that had must have been subconsciously stored in my mind came out when I was rushing out the door the other day. It was from the Tommy Hilfiger runway, something I had read about and for some reason voted it wearable rather than conceptual. Lip gloss on the eye lid to emulate "a girl running through the rain."
Simple? Yes.
Too much? No.
Yet, the result only added to the usual frustrations and stressors of the day. I couldn't have picked a worse day to try such a trend out, either. Wind, wind, wind. All day I must have looked like either I had incredibly greasy hair and skin, or that I was sweating in places that had never sweat before. Not a favorable outcome in sight.
And so my inhability to move out of my comfort zone beauty-wise continues.
Also, on a side note, I just recently found out that Peter Som is a consultant to the Tommy Hilfiger brand. He was the one to thank for sprucing up those duck boots from last season.

vs. my daily version (ignore the weird facial expression...)



I know! Now we need to get you some Loubies too! ;)

I love your natural makeup and the 1st model- I totally thought it was YOU.

How's NY? Fingers crossed *i might* be there in 2 weeks or three!! YIPEE!


Ashley said...

I'm the same with makeup - I can't ever be bothered to try anything new or extreme lately! I just smear some eyeliner and mascara on and run out the door! But the lip gloss on the eye lid look sounds try-able (on a not windy day, lol!)


Claire M. said...

Gorgeous photos Love it!


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