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Drinking Whipped Cream.

I turned 17 last week! Its been a pretty interesting week for me full of weirldly worrying threats to my health. A couple of days ago I was sitting, waiting for the bus, when all of a sudden a bird just FELL from the sky, hit the pavement, and like, combusted. IT JUST FELL OUT OF NOWHERE! I thought it was a bottle someone had dropped out a window by accident or something, because I wasn't paying attention- I was reading Something Borrowed, but I looked over and it was this little bird on the pavement with its insides laying all around it (sorry about the graphics but it was so WEIRD!) Then the week ended with a massive sunburn, getting hit very hard on the head with a metal pole, and a little Scotty McCreery.
I went to the Today Show last week to see Scotty McCreery (the new American Idol) and the unwelcome guest/idol reject Lauren something or other. I'm not really a big fan of American Idol since all of the changes but I was especially disappointed this season with the girl's fashion. I just feel that if they know they're going to be on national television they should at least try and make an effort. And Lauren: SPARKLES ON SPARKLES IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA. Besides GaGa the concert series seems a little weak this summer, but I am excited to see The Script and Selena Gomez coming up soon!

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