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All Hail DVF

Not that there was any doubt in my mind about Diane's grasp of her presidential situation at the CFDAs, but all time same I was glad to hear that she has in fact been reinstated for another term. As you may know, the terms are each two-year long commitments meaning that DVF will be around until at least 2014. This is her fourth term as she was first elected as president in 2006. 

To celebrate, here is a photo of Diane at the 2012 CFDA awards. I love the almost campy appeal of her look- the reaching out hands covering her torso and the lip shape to her clutch are so uniquely Diane. Just being around her for four minutes, you (I) get the clear sense that this woman is not just a designer of clothes, but of dreams (have I lost you with my cheesy cliches yet?). The air around her definitely has a regal quality to it that makes you (me) stand up straighter and feel the need to conduct myself if a manner that is more Princess Kate and less Kate Moss.


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