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As Bubbly As A Glass Of Champagne

A very Viennese brunch at Cafe Sabarsky

            As the days grow shorter and the holidays creep closer, things have a pleasant tendency to slow down. Days that were previously filled with conference calls and last-minute exam prep are now focused on seemingly important matters such as the logistics of mulled wine and the appropriate amount of layers to wear while window-shopping down 5th Avenue. It's a season of chilly bliss and acceptable over-consumption of all things merry and bright.

            You may remember that I was planning on studying abroad during the past fall semester. Well, due to previously mentioned unforeseen circumstances regarding my mother’s health, I held off on London. Now I am happy to say that I will actually be heading ‘across the pond’ for spring term, come January 2015! Massively excited. Also as it draws nearer, increasingly nervous about moving (albeit just for a short term) to a place where I don’t know more than a handful of people. But hey, hopefully that lack of even having an existing comfort zone will help create an even more enriching experience.

I’d better make friends quickly though, because I have a long list of weekend trips I’m dying to take (Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Berlin… It’s a long list.). I’m not too worried- they say the best weekend trips are the result of serendipity and spontaneity!

Two of my favorite things: the viennese coffee scoops at 'Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream' down on Rivington, and my new Louis Vuitton bag (curtesy of the best boss ever!). 

Being a dork in my massive pink sweater at another laugh-out-loud, stomach-cramping 'Hello Giggles' show at the UCB Theater East. The show was hosted by the (almost annoyingly) talented Ruby Karp and featured my celeb crush du jour Brooks Wheelan. *swoon*

Because you're never too old to play with arts and crafts at work.
 Side note, if you want to see some real fun with beads, check out the last page of our newest issue of Cherry Bombe (#4). Hint: Can you spell Tequila? 

And look out for my article on Pamela Barsky while you're there! 

The opening of the new Rebecca Minkoff store in Soho was gloriously catered by the makers of all-things-cutesy-&-tasty treats, Flour Shop. Hot cocoa lined with sprinkles was just the thing to warm my numb hands on a cold day (at least long enough to shop, anyway). 

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Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more about weekend trips. Plus, there is something about SHORT trips - you know that you don't have much time, but you want to enjoy as much as you can without rushing to see as much as you can. That was Prague for me.


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