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I Promise I am an Adult

I am a twenty-year-old girl living alone in New York City, and how do I spend my free time? At a one direction concert, obviously. Nothing bonds people together like a shared obsession for 1D. In fact, on my first day of college I overheard someone talking about Harry Styles and couldn’t help myself from barging into their conversation. We’ve been friends ever since (in fact he is the one I went to the 1D concert with). Oh, and we may or may not have decorated ourselves with themed- stickers.

Ashish is clearly on the same page. Or maybe they just want to tap into the insane amount of money extreme fans are willing to part with for the chance to own a piece of their favorite stars. (Because, hey if I saw someone with my face printed onto their pants I would totally want to date them…) Whatever the case, you’ve got to check them out.

 flip that sign upside down please!
(at Marlow & Sons in Brooklyn)

Back in my old neighborhood for a friend's birthday party.
 She made us DIY custom flutes- too cute! 

I wouldn't mind having this as my view! If you have some free time in the city before the end of October make a point of checking out the rooftop at The Met. And while you're at it, try the jalapeno lemonade! 


Unknown said...

It's ok, I'm 22 and I've seen 1D in concert, and really enjoyed it! You are just as grown up as me! xx

Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

Unknown said...

:-) :-)


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