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            The blazer, once an emblem of the upper class, has been reinterpreted on modern runways so many times it’s hard to keep track. It has proved itself a true wardrobe equalizer over the years on the backs of everyone from young professionals to chic Parisians. And yet when considering the ‘perfect’ style, it’s hard to pin down a name that consistently delivers. The issue isn’t the fault of designers. The problem is the varying tastes and styles of shoppers.

Rather than lamenting the lack of available options, three former editors saw this opening as an opportunity to create Blaze Milano, a collection of made-to-order blazers. Corrada Ridriguez D’Acri, Delfina Pinardi, and Sole Torlonia, the founders of the brand who met while working at Elle Italia, stress the fact that theirs is not a typical fashion house.

Choosing to forgo the traditional production schedule they opt instead for a timeline that allows them to truly dedicate themselves to perfecting each piece. Unsurprisingly exquisite tailoring is a hallmark of the brand, which aims for Saville Row quality at an affordable price point. This uniquely Italian take on a British classic leaves us with an entirely new silhouette that is both lavish and sensual.

Blaze is a refreshing new name in the age of crop tops and boyfriend jeans. They manage to create pieces that are both elegant and effortless with a personal touch. “We believe in personalization,” Pinardi told Baco Luxury, “All big brands are produced in huge amounts. We are selling limited edition items.”


Diana Machado said...
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Diana Machado said...

a woman is alwways beautiful with a blazer


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