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           Somehow it’s already the 10th of December and New York has magically transformed into a modern winter wonderland strung in fairy lights and snowflakes. As I take in my festive surroundings a familiar feeling of doom falls over me as that long list of Christmas shopping I’ve been putting off hits me like an avalanche. I’m guessing it’s probably not a completely foreign emotion to most of you, but one that really must be dealt with right away.

            Dashing all over town in search of the perfect gift for loved ones can be as merry an experience as you make it. If you’re someone who knows what she wants and where to find it, more power to you. For the rest of us it can be stressful if you’re pressed on time or ideas. In an effort to ease some of the holiday jitters, I’ve put together a little list of ideas for everyone on your list. The best part?  They can all be purchased online, with a well-deserved glass of bubbly in hand.


A cheeky Pamela Barsky clutch to display your friend's quirkier side  to the rest o the world. With over 50 witticisms to choose from, there is surely something to appeal to your inner narcissist/bad dancer/chromic social-media over sharing.

copper mugs, $30, Mark and Graham

Maybe I’m just an alcoholic, but I don’t believe any proper girl’s night in is complete without a cocktail. Why not make it extra special and get one monogramed for her?


This customized, luxe photo book is perfect for the sentimentalist. Artifact Uprising’s website allows you to upload and design your own book offering a number of sizes and layouts to choose from. I gave my mom one last year as a souvenir from a trip to Ireland and she keeps it right by her bedside.

For the binge-watcher(/drinker), why not go for a Real Housewive’s themed set of wine glasses? You can get them customized as specifically as you’d like, anything from the Real Housewives of Bedford Avenue to the Real Housewives of Little Rock.


My Dad has traditionally been the toughest to shop for, because her seems to own the most items of anyone I know. Thankfully he could always use a new comfy cardigan, but the idea seems so unoriginal year after year (a recluse only needs so many sweaters). Instead, why not go for something he never knew he needed like a nice pair of noise canceling headphones or a beer flight tray?


We like to joke that my younger brother “is the college experience,” as he is constantly talking about the wild times he and his fraternity brothers have on campus. Whether your brother is still in school or holding on to his old ways for dear life, it’s possible he doesn’t have time to shop for proper clothing. At this point, I’m practically my brother’s personal stylist and Christmas is the perfect time to update his wardrobe selections.

If he’s got a better grip on his closet, a laptop tray is a useful gift that can allow him to work (or watch Netflix) in bed. If he’s a big reader, sign him up for Stack, a magazine subscription service which sends a new surprise independent title to your door every month.


Honestly, the way to go would be treating her to brunch and a screening of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s upcoming movie, Sisters. If you want something that fits under the tree, why not make it something inspirational like Blogilates' new 2016 fitness planner? It’s a great way to create a helpful schedule that takes your workout goals into consideration.


Rather than stressing out about the ‘right’ gift for wherever you are in your relationship (or if you don’t even know where that is), try signing the two of you up for an activity you can enjoy together. There’re some great cooking classes on the market and one I’ve especially been dying to try is Brooklyn Bread Lab’s Pasta making tutorial. You could even follow it up with a tasting tour of The Brooklyn Brewery!


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