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Every season trends change, colors go out of style,  people grow tired of past fads and move on to new ones. However, one item has truly passed the test of time, every season sense any of us can remember a form of this piece has always been considered in style. This timeless piece is the 'LBD' or the Little Black Dress. Almost every designer has had a version of it featured in their collections because buyers always feel safe buying them sense a customer can dress it UP or DOWN anyway they want to make it match what is 'in' in the industry. This particular A/W 2009-2010 season the little black dress has taken on a much more dramatic and darker (yes, the black dress just got darker)  take showing that fashion really does reflect the times and can be a primary source for history. The LBD was first seen by masses when Audrey Hepburn wore one designed by Hurbert De Givenchy accessorized perfectly with a simple string of pearls in Breakfast at Tiffanys. However, even before that Gabrielle Coco Chanel introduced it in 1926 as a chic-est dress you could wear anywhere from cocktail parties to a day at work. In the '20s this was groundbreaking because not only could it be worn by all women but also it was the first time for a while black had been used for anything but mourning. Throughout the years the little black dress has be shortened, lengthened, cutout, accessorized, poufed, sashed, ripped, strapped, and so much more (even the color black has 42 different variations).  My personal favorite LBD of the season is Lodices silk jersey dress which can be worn with almost everything.

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