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Visual Merchandising

Why is Visual Merchandising important for a store?
-overstimulates customer (easier to shop when product is presented in unified ways)
-first impressions (Must support the brand and what you want to be as a retailer)
-Competition (give them something to talk about)
-Educate the Customer (Show them what's hot now)
-Make shopping easier (Gets the customer to see more merchandise)

The Essentials of Visual Merchandising:
-The Product (the clothes)
-The Display area (how much product can you put in your space without over cluttering making it look sloppy)
-Props & Display tools
-Signs (please no neon)

The Product:
-right product for the right time (no fur coats in July)
-Avoid looking sloppy by not OVER stocking 
-If its been in the store a long time and still not selling, get rid of it
-Know your customer (if your customers are mostly older men don't sell headbands)
-Train your staff to be able to answer questions well
-Create an image, a look

Display Area:
-Change the window display every two weeks (reflect holidays and special events)
-Make it around eye level (no one wants to buy something they can't reach or is on the floor)
-Platforms (To make the product seem more important and therefor a better seller)

Props & Display Tools:
-Furniture (don't get to artsy with this, people will actually want to sit on these)
-Need a focal point (our eyes are always drawn to bright colors and shiny objects first.)

-Lighting is the #1 sales influencer (get bright white ones)
-Wall display lighting (adds drama)(as if we didn't get enough from the hills)

To do list: (if you have a store or work at one)
  • develop a theme for the display
  • Create a visual rhythm (to guide the eye through the display easily)
  • Make a few items in the display repeat 
  • Keep things high in the back and low in the front (of display)
  • Less Merchandise creates a higher priced image
  • Create a calender for window themes
  • If there is a carpet, clean it. (Or even better get rid of it, there gross and hard to walk on in heels)
  • Go Green! (make sure a sign makes customer aware of this)
  • Paint the walls with upbeat color
  • Play Music (MAKE SURE it fits with the product  - no Hannah Montana with sophisticated dresses and no Heavy metal with pretty pink dresses)
  • Add color to your display

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