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The best of Winter in Manhattan

As it finally starts to get warm here in NYC, I'm finding myself reminiscing about winter in the city. More specifically, that magical season right around Christmastime. Before January and February brought us piles of snow-covered trash, but leading up to the first buds appearing in Central Park.

 Winter in the city is loveliest when it's chilly enough to wear your favorite coat, but not so frigid that you fear going outside. And for that special season I have compiled a list (below) of my favorite activities to make the most of the weather. Most of my ideas are viable options year round, but  personally I prefer them when it's cold outside. Now that feeling has returned to the tips of my ears, I can finally appreciate the beauty of winter in Manhattan. But I wouldn't trade this warm weather for anything. 


Jen27 said...

Sounds like a wonderful wintry adventure in NYC! My boyfriend and I visited in January and had a lovely time. Will have to bookmark this for the next time we go! xo


NataĊĦa said...

It seams very interesting,but I'm in spring mood now,and would be nice to present spring in your town trought pictures that would be something I would be happy to see.Thank you for visiting my blog,I'm pleased and I wish we stay in touch :)

Unknown said...

This sounds so nice! Can't wait to visit NY!!!

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Unknown said...

I've never been in NY but I would!!


ThefashionFlite said...

cool ideas.
Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If you want we can follow each other on GFC ,Bloglovin/Facebook..Let me know !

Naelle - Once in Paris said...

nice list! I would sooo love to go back to nyc soon!

Greetings from Paris :)


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