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Food Adventures | NYC

           It’s honestly a wonder that I am not obese living in New York City. Despite its negative reputation for smelling like a hot litter box (which is definitely an accurate description on occasion) I actually find its scent to be troubling in a different way: it constantly smells like something I want to eat. If it weren’t for the fact that I tend to walk to each restaurant/café/halal cart, my doctor would have a serious problem on her hands.

            Armed by my complete lack of self-control, I’ve apparently embarked on a single-woman mission to try every eatery in town. This is not something I plan on taking lightly, mind you. I take my eats, very seriously. With that in mind, stay posted for more updates (and by updates I mainly mean photos of myself ready to pounce). 

(377 Greenwich St)
A well-desrved, post-Tracy Anderson Sunday brunch at Locanda Verde. 
The restaurant is located in The Greenwich Hotel, but is by no means a typical lobby meal. I went for the hazelnut-crusted french toast this time (how could I not?), but I will definitely be going back for those lemon ricotta pancakes. And now that Taylor Swift has moved in down the street, you're all but guaranteed a sighting of her latest conquests.

(150 W 10th St)
For a quick evening out after a final exam, my friend Matthew and I tried out a place friends of mine had been raving about for weeks: Highlands in the West Village. The rustic environment felt welcoming but by 9pm on a Thursday it got to be too crowded for it's own good. 

Inspired by the menu I tried to make my own sweet potato fires at home, which were actually incredibly easy to make. All you do it chop the potatoes into thin slices, cover them in coconut (or olive) oil and garlic salt, and bake them at 400' degrees for about 35 minutes. 

(156 E 2nd St)
I was initially put off by the communal table situation at Supper on the Lower East Side, but as usual the addition of good company and strong cocktails can make all the difference at mealtime. These pictures were taken by the only person I trust to make me look good online, Lisa Dengler. 

**The first image is from brunch at Prune (54 E 1st St)**


alessandra said...

Great pictures!

Sophie ( said...

Super cute pictures! you have a lovely blog!


Maggie said...

Yummmm I would totally eat my way through NYC, too!! Great pictures :)


Grace said...

I love reading posts of food! haha I do some on my blog as well:) Thanks for sharing your outing, it was very interesting to see what they have in New York!

Let's keep in touch on Bloglovin! We can follow each other :)


Unknown said...

My husband and I were just in NYC for the wknd and we pretty much ate our way through the city! Best food for sure. I'll keep your suggestions in mind for our next trip over. :-)

Shannon Jenkins said...

Yum! I am such a foodie! I would love to eat my way through the city!

<3 Shannon

Unknown said...

Beautiful pics!! Looks like amazing meals!! NYC has SO much to offer! Love your tee and hat in the last pic! Too cute!

xx. Michelle

Unknown said...

Cool pics! Look so yummy!
I never try cuisine like this! Look good!
kisses xx cvety
I'd also love it if you could check out my blog as well!

Unknown said...

so gnammy! said...

Seriously drooling over these pics! I bet it's hard to not be such a food lover while living in NY!

Carolyn said...

zoo many good eats in NY!

Unknown said...

All that food looks delicious, I would be in trouble if I lived there ;) Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Cristina - Memories of the Pacific said...

Yummy!! Everything looks delicious!

the chilicool said...

Lovely pictures!

alice said...

The sweet potato fries sound really nice I might try and make them myself! X

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

The AnarCHIC said...

Yummy! Great pics dear!
Un abbraccio
Eva e Valentina the anarCHIC

Unknown said...

All of that food looks amazing. I agree about the communal dinning tables though, I have never been a fan of those at restaurants. Agreed that once you get cocktails in me I would be social though. Hope you see Taylor swift
xx, jodi

Naelle - Once in Paris said...

hmmm now I am really hungry! :)

Food is like shopping, you want to do it all the time but you CAN'T! :D

xxx from Paris!

mane untame said...

Mmm if I ever go to NYC I definitely want to check out as many food places as possible! I've also never sat at a communal table so I'm a little excited to try it if only just once to see what it's like!


Unknown said...

I love food! haha Lovely pictures! ;)


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