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Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker

You know those mixed emotions you feel when you realize that someone might actually be the perfect human being? Not only are the stunning and possess legs up to here, but they are also a genuine and lovely person? The type of person you simultaneously want to spend every minute with but also never to be seen with and risk comparison? If you’re still unsure of what I am talking about, just look up any interview with Karlie Kloss. Not only is she undeniably beautiful, but she also seems to exude that kind of infectious energy you can’t turn away from. 

            While (sadly for us mortals) there is still no magic potion we can take that will help us become more like Karlie, there is something we can do to get in on the Kloss allure. Karlie’s collaboration with Warby Parker debuts on their website today, meaning we finally have a chance to incorporate a bit of her style into our own looks.

            The collection, which features three distinct base styles, benefits a charity near and dear to Karlie: Edible Schoolyard NYC.  Specifically the proceeds will go to two community farm stands in East Harlem and Brooklyn. Here students from low-income public schools will have the means to learn and practice a healthier lifestyle than their circumstances would normally allow.

            However noble the philanthropic notions behind your purchase may be, the main enticement are actually products. The collection, which consists of variations of three distinct styles (The Marple, The Julia, and The Clara) are equals parts polished and feminine. 

As someone who loves a classic silhouette when getting dressed, I like to incorporate more of my own personality into the look through my accessories choices. The subtle drama of The Marple would be the perfect fit for my summer image, helping to smooth my transition from the heat of the city to the slight breeze of Coopers Beach over the weekends.   

Much like Karlie herself, The Julia is the All-American classic. The delicate frame creates a feminine silhouette that seems to magically flatter every face shape.

I can see the Clara on someone with a flair for drama, be it on runway or the sidewalk. Trouble follows this one, but thankfully her oversized frames help shield her from the aftermath.

While you may not develop her bone structure overnight, this collection will allow you to experience a bit more of how Karlie sees the world: through rose colored glasses. 


Behind the Mirror said...

I love Warby Parker and love Karlie, so this seems natural. I knew she seemed sweet when she did those Karlie Kookies a while back...

Malu Swartjes said...

Shes sooooo stunnign!
The Stylish Confessions

Sascha Driver said...

I loooove Karlie! Shes just so naturally gorgeous! x

Jessica said...

She looks gorgeous! Beautiful sunglasses! =)
Thanks for visiting my blog!


Unknown said...

Really quite unusual shape glasses. I like them but I think the shape would be hard for me to pull off :(

Unknown said...

I adore Karlie, its the best model right know for me and very nice collections dear!

Jeanne said...

Amazing pics!

Unknown said...

Love all of them. Especially the blue ones! <3

Fashion Peekaboo said...

Oh, how much I love her hairstyle on this picture!!!

Great blog!!!

Greetings from



Mamma al top said...

amazing pic..kiss

Orange You Classy said...

im seriously obsessed with her!

xo, Liz

Neha Singh said...


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