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            Summer has that annoying tendency to pass by in the blink of an eye. It feels like only yesterday my friends and I were toasting to the end of exams at Sheep’s Meadow. Of course, back then we still needed cardigans and jeans to stay warm and now my thought process is more like, ‘how little fabric can I have on my body and still be considered decent?’  It’s officially that time of year when hang outs depend on who has the best air conditioning system.

            But that’s not to say that a few exciting things haven’t happened recently. For one, my little brother graduated high school. There’s nothing that will make you feel older than knowing your younger sibling is already in college (he’s only two years younger, but still). And of course, who can complain about weekends in the Hamptons? Plus, a number of fun events have been going on in the city from things at the new art/event space NeueHouse to Derek Blasberg’s legendary parties to the seemingly endless number of new restaurants popping up all over the city. With everything going on, I’m going to end up needing a vacation from summer break! 

He's all grown up! 

Mornings spend watching Live! With Kelly and Michael are what summer is all about. 

Happy Birthday to the Classy-est man in town... 

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Debbie said...

You're in a city where always something is going on!! Summer must be amazing there!
kisses from Greece


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