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my work: Grace Bol for Gravure Magazine

Gravure magazine gave me the opportunity to work with the lovely model Grace Bol for the second time last spring. Shot by Manolo Campion at Acme studios in Williamsburg (part photo studio/part wonderland, itself worthy of a post), the idea behind the looks was boldly taking the idea of layering into the summer months. 

The bright shades looked phenomenal against Grace's dark complexion, serving as the perfect backdrop to the neon sportswear and psychedelic basics. The key to taking the idea into more everyday territory is making sure to keep accessories at a minimum (unless people regularly use the prefix 'icon' or 'influencer' before they refer to you, dark sunglasses and metal earrings should be enough in most scenarios) and keeping everything fitted so that it skims the body rather than resembles a parachute or stylish clown. Metallics and varying textures also serve as helpful elements to balance out the whole equation.

For those looking to take the utmost hesitant step towards the trend, try experimenting with your makeup in the style of the second look. All it takes is one line of extra-thick black liner (liquid makes the boldest statement) and topped off with a line in your chosen color, making sure to trace the entire inner corners of the eye with the colored liner. 

side note: if you ever find yourself shooting at acme, or in the area, make sure to try cafe de la esquina down the street which is the best mexican food you will ever eat in a RV.


Caro * said...

Fabulous pictures ! The result is amazing ! :)

HighlandFling said...

Lovely photos. I always love make-up shots like that. I can barely line my own eyes let alone make something that impressive on someone else.

Emma x

Olga said...

So good!I love the color combination. I really enjoy sunglasses. Perfect. God job!

Matthew Spade said...

What a great looking shoot to be involved with.

Buckets & Spades


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