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Anna Sui by Andrew Bolton

I recently finished reading a book on Anna Sui circling around her career take off through the last 30 years. The book itself was basically a collection of reviews on her shows from the past two decades, and focused on her inspiration for each collection. Overall it was enjoyable but not very informative on the industry as a whole. If your interested in design, or just Anna Sui and her brand itself, I would recommend it.
You may know Andrew Bolton as the the man in charge of the Met's Costume Institute exhibits each year which Vogue puts on the annual Costume Institute Gala for. He is literally a genius, he manages to fit the entire essence of Anna's brand into a single coffee table book. The book had lots of interesting quotes, I'll share the ones I took down.
"To be 'mod' was to be cosmopolitan."
"In a true democracy everyone can be upper class and live in connecticut." - Lisa Birnback
"Sui often includes references to he favorite works of art in her collections... akin to keeping a scrapbook."
"We can to New York to meet our heros. We dressed like then, talked like them, lived like them. For a few dollars, anyone could walk into a thrift store and come out looking like movie stars."

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Beverley said...

cute blog! i'm loving your tumblr inspirations, and your quote picks are awesome :)

astrid said...

who is the last girl? shes gorgeous

Torieee. said...

Thanks for your comment. The Harry Potter mug is seriously cool :) Like your pictures x


I am in love with that Mauraders Map mug! Love your blog :D


so cool you met Erika isn't she a darling? I met her in NY in feb for FW. :)

Love that mug.

Cat x

Anonymous said...

great inspirations! like the lips!
Would love to have you as a follower

Gina said...

hey your blog is great !

I Just started out with my blog and it is definately going to get prgressively better! Id love for everyone to check it out and I could really use the followers !

Any tips from anyone?

Anonymous said...

who is that first woman?

cool blog love anna sui!!

Caroline Mason said...

the first woman is elsaabeth moss and the last girl is Victortia Justice:)


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