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One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish

sweater, Millau; shirt, Forever 21; studded shorts, Topshop; sandals, Sam Edelman; children necklace and anchor necklace, Forever 21.

I was originally planning on wearing nude colored ballet flats with this look, but I was feeling a bit Venice Beach-y when I put this on. I matched them with Sam Edelmans as they seem to all have the hint of a California feel to it. Again with this Spring weather, I had to watch some crap music performance outside yesterday morning at school wearing this and I would have frozen solid had it not been for my speed-reading of 'Will and Kate: a royal love story ' out loud to drown out their terrible singing. Thankfully later on it go to the '80s by the time we had to decorate bags for Prom and signs for the Special Olympics(because when you go to private school you can multi-task?) More than a few prom bags ended up saying "Go Team Go."

The running photo is kind of a joke, my friend played the part of photographer, I got a bit sarcastic- I am probably not meant to model. Also, I apologize for the state of my nails, I promise you I have an appointment this afternoon. I'm feeling minty green or a dark purple?
Although maybe a black would be appropriate considering I'm in mourning of Christopher leaving Balmian.



I loved those sandals. :) Great shots!

Check this out:


Lori said...

great blog found on fashion chalet =)

Creme De La Kravitz said...

I really adore the modern hippie vibe of this. You have such a cute blog. Following.

Anonymous said...

Love your jumper and necklace. Thanks for your comment xx

bravegrrl said...

love your sandals!

Jennie said...

Do you used to live in NY? I love it here :) found you on Erika's blog. She's sucvh a sweetheart I wish I could meet her too. Your so lucky. Great job on the collage. And I am now your newest follower in Blogloveing. ;)

Cute outfits.


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

cute sandals! i like how you combined the long sleeved sweater with the denim shorts! =)

Laura said...

Great pictures!
I really like your blog and maybe we can follow eachother?

Nita Gill said...

lovely pictures! your sandals are too cute :D

Unknown said...

love the sandals, great sweater btw.

jimon-magazine said...

Nice gladiators!

MaNAa said...

love the place you do your shooting really nice pictures ;) love your sweater and shorts, great outfit for spring ;)


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