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67th Golden Globes style review

Emily Blunt: Love this! Basic but elegant, this Dolce and Gabana dress is very form fitting but classy on Emily Blunt. The top part reminds me of that alexander wang dress (which BeBe copied and put in their ads). The color looks amazing on her and fits her perfectly (as well as this seasons trends - chiffon layers and neutral colors)

Annalynn McCord: Even though I think this dress by Lloyd Klein is more suited for a halloween party, the dress itself (minus the grabbing hands) is pretty, drapes well and suits her. What doesn't-she could be a model! That clutch is ugly though (rule not meant to be broken, please don't war silver AND gold at once they clash and make you look class-less) and I don't understand the fabric wrapped around her arm.

Ashley Olsen: I just love all things Ashley Olsen. Thats all.
Thats not the dress I would have chosen but I love those Manolos and the color of her Erdem dress, the perfect contrast to the rest of her!

Ashley Tisdale: This one is one of my favorite after party dresses, mostly because Im a complete sucker for fringe and leopard shoes. The bottom part of this Diane Von Fursternburg was young and fun like Ashley (who is 24) but the top was old looking (more than sophisticated which she was probably going for) and made her look slightly orange (literally)

Christina Agularia: When I first saw Christina walk onto the stage with this Versace dress on, I could only see the skirt part which I am not a fan of, she couldn't pull off the one bold hip look like Drew (below) but then when the camera focused on the top part, blocking out the hideous skirt, I loved all that detailing and the beautiful corset shape highlighing her nearly perfect body.

Drew Barymoore: Just like with Christina, when I first saw drew in this Atelier Versace dress I had doubts about weather she could pull it off or not. I mean come on this girl is so iffy - one second she's out shopping in too-tight cameo and head gear and another she is looking completely gorgeous in her glamourous Covergirl ad. She took ended up looking great though

Glee Cast: Even though I can't stand the show Glee, I love this black Oscar de la Renta(the king of the red carpet) dress on the girl Im pretty sure from my one episode watching is named Rachel.

Random Lady: Loving the boho vibe here, but its golden globe acceptable with the floor length and glittery bodice.

Vanessa Hudgens: looks amazing in her after party Alberta Ferretti dress with a hippie-esq feel but fun and flirty because of the length and pretty heels.

Zoe Saldana: One of the star actors in the night's big winner (Avatar) looked quite adorable in this dress. The color and cut look great on Zoe Saldana but more interesting to look at than most other dresses of the night. And its Louis Vuitton. MJ=genius forever.

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