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Alexis in WWD

I know I'm pretty late on this - I can remember reading my copy of WWD Accessory reports last summer when I was so phyced to go see Rory Gilmore's new movie Post Grad. She is a model now (signed with IMG I think) as well as an actress and has been working on a few things lately but nothing reaching nearly as high as Gilmore Girl proportions (just watched a few episodes of season 4 last night). I was very surprised to see this article though seeing as I suppose I consider her to actually BE Rory and she would sooner marry Logan, or have a heart attack before posing in these Gaga-inspired looks. Of course, she still looks gorgeous and if I hadn't known her as Rory I could probably see her as any other Brooklyn-based model and not think twice about it. Although she looks a tad bit awkward in some of these pictures (not nearly as awkward and distracted as her playing with all those wires and necklaces of Alexa Chung embedded below)

This one especially looks like she is trying to move on from the Gilmore days (not that Post Grad helped her do that) but I love how she looks in this outfit even though its so far out of her style comport zone. Plus the side pony was everywhere then (marc jacobs, nyc street corners, even on me)

I love this outfit- the whole look is very New York glam. My favorite piece is the Louis Vuitton necklace which I am still obsessed with (especially this one with the neon studs) even now that the style has trickled down to Forever 21.

I love the way the dress works on her and makes her look like a Jane Austen's charachter. The gloves go so well bringing this summery look into fall. Plus I am also in love with this Louis Vuitton clutch which although I can't afford I have used in more than a few Polyvore sets!

(alexis on alexa)

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