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Nothing like the weekend...

"Up in the club with a bottle of red wine,
Stars in their eye 'cuz they're having a good time,
eh, eh, so happy I could die."
-Lady Gaga

Friday night and I'm snowed in. But I am having such a great time sitting in my bed, reading about a billion fashion blogs and doing some much needed online shopping while watching Gilmore Girl reruns. There is nothing like the weekend. I never seem to have time on the weekdays with my studying and sketching all day so my weekends are jam-packed with enough fashion-highs to last me throughout those dreaded school days.
To do this weekend: finish reading the Garance Dore archives (I breeze through the earlier french translations what with my extensive french II education), watch this weeks American Idol auditions, attempt to work on this blog, come up with thousands of brilliant new ideas for design, work on my (faux) British accent, and watch tons of street style videos online.
Bon nuit
(a la French VOGUE)

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