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I often wonder if we like things less (or more) only because of the brand name or what Anna thinks of it(Anna Wintour of course) I mean Alexander Wang tees are very comfortable and his relaxed aesteic makes him one of the coolest guys in New York right now, but when I see something very similar in a magazine from Khols or something, I may think its cute but I don't really feel the same excitement I would if it were by say... Jason Wu.
But one thing I do know is that, though Chanel may have put them on the runway, and Alexa Chung may consider them a cool go-to shoe, I will NOT get into the clog trend. Never. I pledge on the March issue of VOGUE to never own another pair of clogs (first time being ones from GAP when I was about 8 or 9) no batter WHAT Karl says. Although under all other circumstances Karl knows best. IN the end double C's can only do so much and who wants to walk around in wooden shoes anyway?

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