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Kell on Earth

My newest fashion TV obsession - Kell on Earth. It focus on working day to day at Kelly Cutrones PR firm People's Revolution (remeber whitney working there?) Its partly entertaining reality TV and it actually teaches you about PR in the fashion industry. It is quite obviously inspired by Rachel Zoe's show which is also good but is a bit to into the drama side of it (to be clear, I still love it AND rachel). There are some crazy people on K.O.E. (like Andrew the boy with long hair, who wore a floor length sequin gown to the Chado show), Kelly herself is a bit out there with her rituals and seemingly bipolar attitude, and there is Stephanie the new assistant who complains about everything and can't take the blame for anything always claiming "well no one trained me, how was i supposed to know" over and over. If theres one thing to learn from this show is that working in fashion there is NEVER a break, you'll sleep about 5 hours a day tops and you CAN'T mess up because you WILL get fired. The show made me want to take a nap from just watching them get deeper under eye circles by the minute! Kelly Cutrone has a new book out now called 'If You Have To Cry, Go Outside' which I haven't read yet but am planning on going to Borders today to pick that up.

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