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My favorite Herve Ledgers:

There are about a thousand Herve Ledger dresses out there right now, all semi similar because of the amazing fabric used in them isn't exactly easy to manipulate properly (which also makes it hard to make copies of without them looking like $5 striper suits. Originals are actually pretty well priced considering how long they will stay in style and keep looking new for years! Celebrites galore have worn Max Azria's dresses everywear from clubbing at 2AM to premieres and parties. They can make any shape or size look its best and always manage to look classy... with one BIG exception: when the top of the dress is too small and can only manage to cover about half of your chest. I'm sure someone must have told them, or they looked in a mirror at some point but its just gross. It ruins the whole look and no one likes being reviewed as "look at her 'golden globes' (Mariah Carey ahem.) Anyway here are my favorite pieces from the many collections:

horizontal stripes CAN be flattering! (just as long as your a size 4 and under like these girls)
Miley looks amazing, and so does the girl in the middle... I'm sorry who is that?
Penelope looks stunning as always even if its a tad uncomfortable looking from right here

cute but still sophisticated (just like Heidi BEFORE) the slits are esp
ecially perfect for this season

This one is my number one favorite. I have been especially obsessed with it ever sense I saw it on the girl on the left at a Gossip Girl party. The color is daring, looks great on all skin tones, and the stripe pattern makes you look much slimmer. Leona Lewis on right

Another great one, at first I wasn't so sure about the leather flower attached to it but now I think its interesting in a good way making it stick out from all the others.

That yellow one is amazing! I wish i could wear yellow but my hair is blonde and I'm much to pale for it!

One on the right could be a new favorite! Anyone else as into the cutout lace and frontal zippers as much as I am?

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