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blogcrush - afterDRK

(H&M dress, D&G shoes)

Sabrina's blog, afterDRK , is headed by one of Andy (of style scrapbooks)'s best friends and although her blog doesn't really compair to Andy's its still a good read with lots of pretty dresses and great shoes. afterDRK may have just started last November but he blog is already leading a strong following. She does a lot of traveling, she takes her camera everywhere, and is worth your time if you have some to spare.
Basically, she is the Veronica (of chiara) to Andy.

The dress above is one of my favorites of hers, not only because of the sick print but because of the creative way she is wearing it. Its actually a maxi-dress which she tied up to not only look like a short dress, but a really cool short dress. Perfect for all of your old maxi-dresses, while they're on the wrong edge of fashion right now. The neckline is great as well because it gives you something to look at up top without having to wear a necklace which would have been too much with the pattern.
Although I'm not a huge fan of the shoes, I would have pared them with wedges to make the dress more day wear. Either way, Sabrina is gorgeous. Tons of girls would kill for her smile.

I am obsessed with those Acne shoes.

"thrown on a nude blazer and I'm on board."

I still really want a pair of these ears. not to 'playboy' are they?

Each of these pieces alone would be very basic; but when thrown together, they make a great summer to fall transition look that is not in least bit boring, but also not too overdone. I'd take dotted tights and sequin jackets over a bikini any day.

Heels in the snow? glamourously adventurous.I love the way Sabrina tied her scarf around her head like that so it actually looks cool and hippie-ish.

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