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The Many Styles of Carine Roitfeld:


"I am not a good professional of fashion. I am not an expert on how clothes are constructed or the history of fashion. I never start with fashion, I always think of the girl and her personality because what matters to me when you look at a page is - 'Do you want to be that girl?'" - Carine Roitfeld


"When I have an idea, its spontaneous - its a feeling" - Carine Roitfeld


"I like to look at people, I like the errors." - Carine Roitfeld


"He was very Chic: its an attitude. Its a gift, you can learn to not make mistakes but you can not learn how to be chic." - Carine Roitfeld


"Its just my imagination that goes into my pictures. I was never a punk, never dyed my hair blue. Never a nymphomaniac. I'm a married woman with children but I don't like the girl next door."- Carine Roitfled

As the editor-in-chief of French VOGUE for the last few years, Carine Roitfeld knows exactly how to dress to amaze, stay classic, and look great. She is never afraid of taking risks (like that floor length leopard dress? I'll see it on the Queen of England before its worn by Anna Wintour) but she manages to make them all look like she just threw on whatever and walked out. Its hard to imagine her real age- which is well over 50 while she could pass for at least 15 years younger.
I have always admired her work, both as editor and stylist. She has so many great ideas that are actually new as opposed to all these stylists these days putting the models in great clothes and having them glare at the camera. Sure its classic and shows the clothes really well but it usually doesn't have that wow factor stylists aim for. One of my favorite pictures she has styles was of this girl in a long gown climbing on a table (with an epic haircut might i add) with scissors sticking into the goldfish bowl trying to cut the fish. To me it was just so different and subtly funny that I couldn't stop staring at it.
She is so talented and has so much to say and do that she must never have any time to do anything besides fashion which to a select few of us sounds like heaven.

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