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jordi labanda sketches:

After being away for the past two weeks with no real contact to civilization (no tv, internet, or cell service) on Martha's Vineyard with some of my friends, I've been very busy trying to catch up to the real world today. While blogs like keep me up to date on news, i still have quite a few a/w '10 shows to watch as well as sketches and books to read.
While being severely side tracked today I decided to see where I could find Jordi Labanda notebooks online. I can never resist a Jordi Labanda notebook whenever I see them. Just in the p[ast two weeks I've gotten 5 new ones. So far I can't seem to find any available ones on the internet. What I did find though were some amazing sketches of cities that are so intricate and beautiful they make you feel as though they were done by a professional architect. I was also happy to see some of my favorite Charles Fazzino pictures for sale printed on the sides of the new reusable grocery bags for a few dollars. I also bought a few really cool necklaces from a little store in Edgartown. On is a ginormous eiffel tower flat shape, one is rocking chair with a little metal teddy bear in it, a gold crab on a long chain, and a telescope shaped one.
Pictures to come, but for now here are some amazing sketches sure to wow you. It really expresses the beauty of each place well.

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Metka: Matka said...

love the sketches
i'd love to visit ny someday


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