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Whats In Your Bag? and other random things in my room:

Although I generally don't talk about myself on this blog, just fashion, I thought I'd share some random facts about me and get that over with for a while. I like it when people post pictures of their room because I always feel that a room along with what someone carries around with them at all time mirrors someone's true self without having to say anything. Of course me being the fashion-obsessed teenager that I am, my room in Southampton (in Long Island, NY) pretty much explains my dream of living in a magazine.

1 - I love old disney movies. Peter Pan makes me cry everytime - if anyone wants to give the second star to the right necklace from I'll love you forever.

2 - My name is actually Caroline but a lot of people call me Luna because I apparently remind people of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. I even have random people on the street stop me to tell me I look like her.

3 - I am obsessed with the Olsens. Especially Ashley, I always have been.

4 - I have 36 binders right now full of pages and pages of collages from magazines I cut up to save forever. Never will I cut up VOGUE though.

5 - I have a maltipoo named Lucy. She is cute.

6 - If I could, I'd spend an hour everyday of my life walking around washington square park.

7 - I love wildberry. Plain with coconut. Much better than Pinkberry.

8 - I want to take a gap year after high school and live in London.

9 - I have a very weird laugh.

10 - I work at a store in Southampton in the summer where the owner/designer sews everything herself right in the store.

11 - I have a celebrity crush on Aaron Johnson.

12 - The new Forever 21 in Times Square is so big and wonderful it makes me want to cry.

13 - I am taking 3 AP classes this year which is awful because I'm not a genius when it comes to school.

14 - I take French but I qualify as the worst French student ever.

15 - Right now I have 13 magazine subscriptions (W, WWD (newspaper), VOGUE, teenvogue, Lucky, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Nylon, Seventeen, Marie Claire, People, Instyle, and VOGUE Australia)

16 - I have a countdown sheet until I go the Lady GaGa concert in about a month.

17 - I own the Chanel tattoos but I haven't used any. There like a cupcake from Sprinkles. Too beautiful to eat (wear).

18 - I collect Jordi Labanda notebooks, I use them for writing/notes on fashion.

19 - I love sitting in Borders all day with my friends reading a stack of magazines from around the world.

20 - I love writting letters and getting mail. I'll be your pen pal.

21 - I chew about a pack of gum a day.

22 - I have a reaccurring dream that Reese Witherspoon is my mom. I have no idea why.

23 - I fall asleep listening to music every night.

24 - I used to be obsessed with wanting to live in Los Angeles.

25 - I draw one hour everyday. Only fashion sketches though.

(from top left): VOGUE Australia, VOGUE India, and the new ELLE; My 'inspiring' bag from Mix in Vineyard Haven, MA; My Mary-Kate and Ashley notebook I bring everywhere to write down whenever I think of a new design to draw later; my phone;, my ipod; Burt's Bees chap-stick; Lady GaGa glasses, a random card from The Ivy resteraunt in Santa Monica; Tape (for whenever I need to collage something); backup accessories; the Sex and the City book; a letter I have yet to mail; a visitors pass to my friend's school; my wallet - tory burch; scissorys (collage); random sillybandz I kind of like but refuse to wear; a pack of strawberry gum; random band stickers.

I am very excited about my new MJ records, despite my lack of record player. I'm thinking of going over to Urban Outfitters to get some of their record frames to match my Lily Allen one.

My room is kind of a mess here in Southampton because I'm starting to get read to go back home.

(because I leave a trail of collage where ever I go)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LUNA! i freaking love you. did you get the owl city and MJ record from above grnound records on MV?
(just a guess...)
haha i miss you caroline
love, lucy


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