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The End of Dior, and femininity?

"an icon of the great couture era... a dream and an escape from reality." - Viktor & Rolf

This iconic image of Dior's 1957 collection where he had combined the collection to be a look of all of the most popular silhouettes of the 1950s. Women used to look so ladylike back then, especially compared to what we wear today. I'm sure that if Dior were to look into the pages of any fashion magazine today he would have had been appauled. With our short shorts, boxy boyfriend blazers, chunky wedges, and tiny crop tops. For the most part, we've moved past pretty and elegant and onto cool and edgy. But to be honest, its better this way. Its so much easier to be able to dress smartly and be comfortable in everyday lives while still being able to wear gorgeous clothes. Right?

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Metka: Matka said...

oh i love this photo


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