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Award Show Season

As we are in the middle of award show season (and more importantly fashion week) I have been spending a lot of time (not doing APUSH homework) going over the outfits at the actual events as well as the after parties. While I am generally more interested in higher more editorial side of the fashion industry, the red carpet is one of my favorite places to not only obsess over some of my favorite actors and actresses, look at pretty clothes, but also so see how each runway trend has been interpreted by different stylists (or if your blake lively, then blake lively). These are the trends most likely to trickle down into mass market a few months later.
the (veryveryvery) over simplified trend pattern is usually something like

culture (news, inspirations, movies) -> runway -> magazines (and other print and online sources) -> celebrities -> mass market (XXI, H&M, ect.)

While designer gowns get the spotlight on the carpet, stars change into shorter cocktail dresses to socialize and celebrate their wins. Although apparently these are all mandatory informal business meetings. "Everybody pretends like they're having fun but this is work, we'll eat a little bit, but we want to be seen by people who are going to give us a job. And then we go home. That's why this exists for us."
In terms of fashion the carpets were similar to last years - while there were some show stoppers, the overall mood was slightly dull. However, there was improvement. More colors, more interesting silhouettes, and more curves. Also, Alexa Chung was a great red carpet fashion critic for the Golden Globes. While she was slightly awkward at parts (which of course is part of the many reasons we love her) especially when she thought the microphone was off and was kind of just standing there fiddling with the mic and looking around rolling her eyes.
My top picks are below and leave me high hope for the two biggest events of the season - The Grammys and The Oscars.

January Jones in Versace at Golden Globes


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