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Your Gonna Catch a Cold from the Ice Inside Your Soul.

Random sampling of Notes from one of my fashion notebooks:

Designers risk overexposure in quest for fame:
  • Any air of mystery has dissipated
  • "the more opprunities there are to talk about fashion the better" - Laura Mulleavy
  • "I like my style" - first used generated magazine
  • "You can buy what you want when you want it where you want it. It used to be that fashion was more refined. Now everyone can afford something fashionable. It's not bad- it's quite good. But at the same time fashion looses its cachet."
  • When you are creative, doing something in your own medium builds your imagination, your mind, and your talents. All artists are creative, and the more ways they use their creativity, the stronger they will be. But it takes a lot of energy - you can't just put your name out there." - Loulou de la Falaise
  • "Even artists like Lade GaGa and Ke$ha have to go to extremes to get noticed. People's attention spans are definitly shrinking every day. You have to work a lot harder to make consumers loyal."
  • "Unless the program educated the audience about a fashion related topic such as the CFDA or New York Fashion Week, we feel that it is in the best interest of the company to keep our international operations behind closed doors... I never wanted to do this [job] to be famous. The first thing is to live your dream."- Prabal Gurunge (when approached to do a reality TV show about his company)
  • "Young designers want to be famous overnight. They talk about Marc Jacobs like he's God. They don't remember that he used to work at Perry Ellis. He's worked - He's worked so hard." - Iman (replaced Kelly Roland on the fashion show)
and now for your viewing pleasure, my top photos of the day:
not that you can hear it, but im listening to Aerosmith which makes everything look cooler.

 Chanel Couture s/s 2011This needs to be viewed in fullsize to be fully appreciated  its MEEE!on of my favorite movies. love the shoes. but i REALLY love the nails.

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