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The Many Dresses of Scarlett O'hara

While watching Gone With the Wind today for the first time, I was so impressed by the grandeur and style of all of Scarlett's dresses - even when she couldn't afford food she looked like a princess. The movie itself is of course a great classic (even if it got a little dull a few times during the four house it went on) about life in the South during the civil war made in 1939. Back then most dresses were handmade- can you imagine how long it would have taken for someone (even a team of seamstresses) to have made each of these detailed dresses?


Emilie ! said...

These dresses are completely gorgeous! The elegance of the white one is basically breathtaking <3

love your blog- I only came across it today, but really, it is lovveeee :)

Emilie xxx

outtaspace said...

like the movie inspirations , nice blog
fashion connected goodies

Anonymous said...

gone with the wind is one of my favorite movies!


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