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most wanted: danny roberts + forever 21

The newest obsession here at the second star to the right are the tees and tanks created for Forever 21 by 'it boy' artist Danny Roberts of Igor + Andre. This collection brings the mall-brand stores fashion credibility up by a lot in my mind. The tops are all very well priced (about $14.90 for each) and each one features a colorful picture of a different fashion blogger created by Danny. The five lucky bloggers featured are Alice (from Alice Point); Geri (from Because I'm Addicted); Louise (from Pandora+lookbook); Carolina (from The Fashion Squad); as well as tow other designs. Lots of different style choices (necklines, length and drape) for everyone to find a flattering cut. Because really, who doesn't want one these fabulous (cheap) shirts? The bad news- they are sold out for the moment but will be getting more in soon.

Can anyone tell who is who? A free shirt for the first one who gets it!

1 comment:

Sewon said...

bloggers on the tshirts: alice, geri, louise, carolina, agathe, and i'm not sure about the fifth. <3


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