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Sex and the City 2: the fashions.

The opening credits outfit is a classic Carrie Bradshaw. The gorgeous cut and fresh looking color, the sparkley Solange Azgry-Patridge Necklace that seemed to have a life of its own. The Mykita glasses which gave it a very sleek edge as well as making it appropriet for either the classy uptown women or the more chic artsy downtown crowd. Another aspect of the dress is the no age restictions on the style. Carrie looks as good 12 years later as she would if she was wearing the Halsotn dresses in the pilot episode.

Although womens suits are a trend right now (albeit a very select one) I can only imagine a few women who cold pull it off other than Carrie Bradshaw. I love the menswear on women trend bt personally I think this is taking it a bit too far. Although I do love the Trivial heade piece only Pat Field could think of.

Fotrunetly for Sarah Jessica Parker, she has the legs of a teenage model and worked this Balmain t-shirt and Alaia skirt with the Manolo heels. One way to achive this mile long legs look is to get heels matching your skin tone or a clear straps in the front. If you can't afford the Manolos, Michael Kors has a great pair as well as Aldo and Prada. Generally though you'll want to avoid the whole shoe being clear (hello hooker shoes).

Its no surprise that Halson was the number one brand to show up on Carrie throughout the movie as it was probably included in her contract when she was signed on as the new creative director for the classic brand as a way of turning younger SATC fans who want to look like Carrie into potential clients. The sun was a big part of making this dress look so priceless the way it glittered every time she moved. I loved the way the Louboutins went with the dress so well bt yet matched nothing. No Patricia Field hasn't messed up as badly as some people seem to think.

The Balmain jumpsuit was again something that only Carrie can pull off. It definitely is more sophisticated and made for the older generation than say... Miley Cyrus. My favorite thing about this look was the belt as a necklace. Its something I have tryed myself and gotton lots of compliment (and a few confused stares) about. If your going to try it yourself, get a smaller one without studs which can again look semi hooker-ish.

This is my favorite casual outfit in the movie. Dressed entirely in Alexander Wang with a pair of Brian Atwood heels and pink bra peeking out., she looks like she really is going to sit down, concentrate and work on an article for VOGUE. It kind of annoys me that eventhogh she is in her forties she has better legs than anyone I know who is 16. The circular Calvin Klein glasses bring trendiness to an otherwise timeless look.

Good for walking around the village on a hot day. Not gonna lie... could have done without the mom jeans but she makes up for it with the fabulous Brian Atwoods with the mysterious 'is it there or not?' clear strip making them much less painful to walk in. But isn't there a rule about women of a certain age showing their midriff?

The classic Dior newspaper dress Carrie wore when she first met Big. It still fits her like magic and drapes perfectly over her petit frame. The Christian Loboutins gave it a much needed update. I love these shoes with their lace imprints and multiple straps. Was anyone else annoyed with the giant clover she kept wearing throghout the movie? I know its sentimental but enough is enough!

Not really a fan of the Norma Kamali dress or even the Giuseppe Zanotti heels but the hat I love! Yomji Yamamoto never disappoints! From the moment I saw this scene until I die, I am going to be dreaming about owning that airplane.

The gorgeous fabirc looks so soft and flowy, and the one sholder gives it the best little drape. The best part is that most people can actually make this themselves same with the glittery scarf trned headpiece. The necklace witch was shown through out the movie was good for this look especially because it didn't take away from the simplicity and utter chicness of the rest of the look.

One of the reasons to love Carrie Bradshaw- how she dresses in an avant garde zac posen jacket and skirt to go to the spice market. More people should look like this on a daily basis! I am also lusting after the bubble gum pink Manolos. Its good to know that even though Louboutin may be the new Manolo, SATC is still loyal. Of course, Manolos are still some of the best shoes in the world.

The perfect dessert wear. It couldn't have looked better against the beautiful endless sand dunes and setting sun. Just thinking about her walking daintily in the beatiful Halson dress makes me tear up. The same silhouette as many of the other Halston dresses but still it seems like something I've never seen before.

This Pucci dress was perfect for the posters, if only for the dramatic way it flows when she runs away from Aiden all freaked out. The shoes are marvelous - I love the small detail of the back of the staps being red (a take on Louboutins by Vivienne Westwood?) The jacket and belt gave that extra something to really make it glamorous and original Pat Field. The vintage Chanel bag didn't hurt either. Contrary to what some say, I think Sarah Jessica Parker is a great actress. The expressions she is able to make are so intense you can actually tell what she is thinking without her having to say anything!

The pink Halson Maxi dress looked great against her slight tan and champaign. The Reem Acra belt and Stella McCartney tank added the interest and the manolos bring the essential glamour.

There are no words to show how icon this picture will be in 1o years. Anyone else want to be right there in 10 years - with our own Mr.Big draped in Lanvin sitting hundred of feet up from the streets of New York City.

I love the Dolce & Gabbana mini dress its so sophisticated but also fun with the little cutout and layers of black chiffon. Then mixed with the bright Charlotte Olympia and clutch it pulls it all together.

Samantha although the oldest of the four, dresses with the most daring pieces especially when it comes to accessories. On of my favorite accessories she used in the movie was a diamond clustered Valentino bag I came this close to buying in Florida a few months ago. Now I wish I had. Keep in mind her use of diamonds and gold here- it takes confidence to pull that off without looking trashy.

This was my favorite Samantha outfit in the movie. I though it was Alexander Wang but it is in-fact by Item. She looked so elegant. Was not prepared for the scary Samantha flashback though- lace jeans...kind of sick.

As a blond I can say that I know blue looks best with our coloring which was Samantha's primary color throughout the movie (besides black which is technically a shade) The prettiest being the Marc Bauer halter dress that matched the pool perfectly as she cascaded by along with the cache belt which she made look a lot more expensive than it actually was. My favorite part about that outfit was the Roberto Cavalli scarf tied behind her into her belt. Definitely a trend to try at the beach or resort.


I know people seemed to hate this dress on Samantha calling it more Rihanna than anything else. Whereas yes, I agree that it would look great on Rihanna or someone like that I also think it looks good on Samantha. She knows what looks good on her and sometimes she likes to stretch the bondries and see what will happen. Worst that could happen is she goes home by herself. I am rather obsessed with the dress by The Blonds and I wold gladly wear that dress down the street any day. It is very fierce.

I love Charlotte. Really, I do But I don't usually have many opinions about what she wears. Sure she looks pretty and very conservative mother but nothing too interesting, I usually like her bags the best. That being said there aren't too many outfit of hers worth posting except for the hot pink amexander mcqeen dress. Its as though Kate Moss went conservative.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Miranda quit her jobs. Its like we were with her for the entire time and went through all her family shirt with her. I felt proud of her. She had my favorite outfit in all of the wedding in the gorgeous Julien Macdonald dress. Its hard to see in the picture, but in between the low neckline is a clear plastic material to keep it all together. Miranda has never been the one to show too much skin so it was a little ot of her comfort zone but she looked great, I love the shade of her hair (however unnatural it may be)

(pictures coming soon)

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