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The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show primieres tonight on Bravo. Its a blatant rip-off of project runway, but that doesn't mean it can't be just as good... or better? Project Runway just ended last week (congradulations Gretchen) and who knows how long it could be until season 9 begins?
Besides, they DID replace Kelly Rowland with supermodel Iman. In the world of fashion, Iman arguably trumps Heidi Klum. Of course, its hard to believe she could be as hilarious, adorable, and charismatic as Heidi is on PR. They had some interesting challenges and guest judges their first season so I'm looking forward to how they'll play it out this time around.
Here is to the 'new' Project Runway... or a really lame excuse for fashion TV.

Actually, today I went to a college visit for the College of fine arts in Boston and the admissions speaker and I got into a pretty serious discussion over whether Tim Gunn's cellibacy was an appropriate topic in his latest book and if the fashion industry was killing the art world.
When I asked if the school offered any fashion programs he said there was a fashion club but it was kind of a joke and that no one there was really interested in fashion.
I won't be going there.
Then at the very end he decided to tell me he was friends with Christian Siriano.
It took a lot not to ask for Christian's phone number.

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