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"He that travels much, knows much."- Thomas Fuller

I went to the NC State library today for a paper I'm working on and accomplished three things.
(1) - I further realized that I do NOT want to go to NC State for college (but I already knew that)
(2) - I finally read the $4,500 book on Grace Coddington I have been dying to get my hands on it.
and it was covered in dust. North Carolina disappoints me.
I found at least a hundred amazing shoots, inspirations, and quotes I'll be posting soon.
Once I finish that paper...
(3) - I found this amazing book I've already started reading called Writing for the Fashion Business. (buy it here) and another book called Fashion Law, which reminds me of the new Fordham fashion law program which Diane Von Furstenburg spoke at the opening of. Not that I'd go , but I love the idea.

I really hope its helpful and not another book that assumes I know nothing about fashion...
Seeing as its published by Fairchild (they operate WWD) I assume it will be great.

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Why not? My brother goes!



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