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As part of 'inducing culture' into my life, I've been watching a lot of music videos lately. I love music videos because for one, I love music, but more than that I like how you can fit an entire idea or plot into less than five minutes to a point where its never dull or brainless.
There are a lot of boring videos out there, but for the most part if your listening to an artist you like, more than likely you will like what they did with the song. For an artist its a way to communicate their original vision or meaning of the song in case it could have been misconstued by only listening to the words. Although, it can be better for each person to interpret one song a slightly different, more significant meaning than the next.
Admittedly I don't really watch too many of the 'deeper' videos as my capasity is pretty limited to VH1 top 20 or whatevers toping the chart in itunes. But what I take away from them is, of course, the fashion. Music videos have crazy fashion- finally a time where you can take dramatic risks, make jokes, and dress up without being too harshly judged. So while I've been obsessively watching music videos (and making mood boards based on each one which takes a while but is quite lovely to be looking at right now - pictures later) Ive picked these as some of my recent favorite ones (some for the fashion, some because they are genius, and some because they are just hilarious)

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